Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Adventures with Extremists
by Jon Ronson

I have become a real fan of Jon Ronson. I really like the way he writes and I really like how he structures his books and makes them accessible to the average reader. He puts himself in some crazy situations and I admire that. He doesn't just interview some interesting figures, he spends days or months with them and truly getting to know their side of the story. It's excellent.

This book is fascinating. I am just amazed by the people Ronson interviews and spends time with. They see the world in ways I never thought people considered.

After reading "Them" and "The Psychopath Test" I became intrigued with David Icke. He is a brand of crazy I just cannot understand. I won't go on about it. But I will say I looked up some interviews of his on youtube and discovered I just cannot bear to listen to him speak. But what do I know? Maybe the world is ruled by bloodsucking alien lizards.

"Them" brings you into the paranoid world of conspiracy theorists. What's truly amazing to me is just how convinced these people are of what they believe and perceive to be true. The men Ronson interviews are certainly passionate people. The book takes you on an interesting journey of their minds. It may not change your views on who is really running the world, but "Them" is worth exploring.

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