Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jemima J

a novel about ugly ducklings and swans
by Jane Green


But did I expect to learn anything from this book? No. Did I expect it to change my life? No. You get what you pay for. (Except I didn't pay for this book, I picked it up among the library paperbacks.) I did enjoy reading it though. Despite the fact that I could have come up with this story myself, I liked reading it. I think a small does of chick-lit is healthy now and again.

However, the narration is dreadful. It switches from first person Jemima to first person Ben to third person to third person omniscient; it's schizophrenic! It almost reads like a script rather than a novel. Pick one point of view and stick with it.

Also, I really hate Jemima's name. I couldn't decide just how to pronounce it, so I gave up and just called her Jemma (which I think is a much better name).

But all in all, I found myself wanting to read this book and having a good time at that.

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