Monday, August 17, 2009

American Idols LIVE

I actually went to the American Idols' concert last night in Hartford, which is hilarious, because I basically hate American Idol. Being good at American Idol is like being really great a karaoke.

The best part of the concert, without a doubt, was Adam Lambert. He's a terrible singer. I mean, he has incredible vocal skill, but his execution is ridiculous, and not in a good way. However, he is an exceptional performer. Truly unparalleled in comparison to the other top 9. He has so much energy, so much stamina, and puts on a phenomenal show. Plus, his musical choices were the best, by far: Led Zeppelin (though no one can touch the real thing), Muse, and Gary Jules's "Mad World." He's like my musical soul mate. After seeing him perform, I've decided that I want to be Adam Lambert's best friend. And if you ask me, it's almost cruel to make anyone perform after him.

Seeing American Idol 2009 Kris Allen after Adam Lambert was really anticlimactic. By the time he got on stage, I was hot, uncomfortable, and ready to go home. I was over it. As far as his musical choices, I was not so thrilled. I hated what he did to "Ain't No Sunshine." "Ain't No Sunshine" is a bluesy R&B song, not a rock song. Live with it, don't try to change it. I think Kris Allen will do much better singing his own songs rather than messing with classics.

As for the rest, let's see. I can't remember all their names, to tell you the truth. But I'll try.

Michael was alright. Good looking, good sounding, not a great performer.

Megan Joy was...interesting. "Three Little Birds Sat on My Window" sounded good. That song really suited her. But her Amy Winehouse cover was terrible.

The blind guy...Scott? He was ok. I liked his cover of the Keane song. It got better as he got more into it. He's got a nice sound. But it's a little old and very different from the rest of the Idols.

Anoop was fun. That's about all.

Lil Rounds was terrible. It sounded like she was close to losing her voice too.

Matt was great. He was fun to watch. You can tell that he really loves what he's doing. Plus he is a great piano player. I really enjoyed his performance...although I can't remember what he sang...

Allison was interesting. She's a throw-back to 60's female rockers. It's like, she's over the audience, doesn't put a lot of stock into her performance or public opinion. For all I know, she's on drugs. Her cover of Pink's "So What" was bad. She kept turning her head away from the mic and looking down at her guitar. That leads me to believe she doesn't actually know how to play the guitar. And her singing style is more like...yelling. I think she only sang a total of about 10 words. But there's something really compelling about it. The way she uses the entire length of the stage and throws herself around, it's kind of great.

Danny Gokey. I was expecting to like him a lot more than I did. He was...ok. It sounded like he was over-singing and starting to lose his voice too. I didn't like "Pretty Young Thing." His Rascal Flatts covers were good though. But he was yelling too much. It hurt my vocal chords just to listen to him. And he's a music teacher! He should know better. That was disappointing.

The concert was fun. But, again, it was like a giant karaoke competition. And there are some songs that simply shouldn't be messed with. I don't care who you are.

But I'm serious: Adam Lambert? Need a new best friend? Look me up!

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