Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Infernals

by John Connolly

"Free time" is a rare commodity as a graduate student, and so I've let this blog fall to the wayside. It was bound to happen. And it took a little while, but I reminded myself that, yes, I do in fact still love to read.My list of books to read is getting longer and longer and I'm easing my way into it. Let's start with something fun and easy.

"The Infernals" (titled "Hell's Bells" in the UK; apparently that's just not a phrase we recognize in the States. I always find it interesting how covers and titles differ between the US and the UK.) is John Connolly's sequel to "The Gates. I fell in love with "The Gates" and eagerly awaited its sequel. I love everything about this book and think Connolly is truly a wonderful writer. "The Infernals" is a perfect mixture of fantasy, sciencefiction, fact, and wit. And, of course, I can't resist a good coming-of-age story. Samuel Johnson is an endearing hero with excellent companions to help him along the way, especially his dog Boswell and the somewhat inept demon Nurd.

This time Samuel has to battle his way out of hell, and the demons he encounters are epic. His encounter with a former weapons manufacturer is my favorite episode. Connolly creates backstories for his demons and prisoners of Hell in an extremely well-crafted way, and it's nice to know that not everyone is without redemption.

"The Infernals" is a fast but thoroughly engrossing read and ended all too soon for me. But, if I'm not mistaken I think there is a third book to come out in the series, and if so I cannot wait to see where Samuel's adventures lead him.

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