Thursday, November 18, 2010

Haggard & Halloo

This isn't a book. Haggard & Halloo is a creative writing magazine, both online and in print.

When I was at UConn and working on the Long River Review, as part of the course everyone had to team up and research another creative writing magazine. I have to credit my partner Joe for finding Haggard & Halloo. As part of the assignment I sent an email to the magazine editor Travis Catsull, not actually expecting much of a response. Catsull turned out to be very nice and accommodating and answered all of my questions. Our presentation turned out really well (I do believe we got an A). The website has changed since we first stumbled upon it, but it is still great and publishes some stimulating poetry, as well as short stories and reviews. A little avant-garde, certainly current, and definitely worth checking out.

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