Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Reading Group

I finished "The Reading Group" by Elizabeth Noble. My summer reading group (which refers to itself as a "book discussion" because it's more formal and run through the library I work at over the summer) chose that as the book for July, which is mildly ironic and kind of funny. I'm still processing how I feel about it. What I do know, is that the characters frustrated me.

The women are too bloody British! I often times think of the "make a cup of tea" cure-all as a stereotype and not typically true, but, since the author is British herself, I guess it is more truthful than I thought. 

What I was craving from this book was some emotional blow-outs. Susan and her estranged sister Margaret came close to emotional fisticuffs, even raised their voices to each other in public (at their mother's funeral, no less), but then it was all "stiff upper lip." They make tea and talk it out. There's no real resolution, just resignation. I suppose that's life, but I would rather live vicariously through some emotionally vocal woman.

And then there's Nicole. I so wanted Gavin to get what he deserved! Nicole wasn't about to let him have it. To be honest, I think she was stupid. Have a baby in hopes to make your sleezy husband stop sleeping around? Please. But, back to the break-up. She was painfully calm when she finally caught Gavin in the act (on vacation, which I find to be extra unfortunate). Part of me liked how she swallowed all her violent emotion so she could compartmentalize and do what she had to do. But what I wanted, was someone to haul off and slap Gavin across the face. Nicole is a bit weak though (as her history with Gavin has already proved), and she wouldn't be able to do it. I wanted her backbone Harriet to do it for her. Since Nicole married Gavin she's been itching to give it to him, and after Nicole finally got to the breaking point in her relationship with him, Harriet should have taken her opportunity.

But none of that. It's all very calm and dignified and tea-filled.

The book is a good read. Nothing Earth-shattering or life changing, but enjoyable enough. I like the book and recommend it if you're looking for a nice book to read.

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