Friday, September 13, 2013

Tom Perrotta

Yesterday Tom Perrotta read from his new story collection, Nine Inches, at the bookstore. I am such a fan of his writing (and I was going to link to my posts about his novels, except I just realized I've never written anything about them. How is that possible?! But I haven't. So I will take this opportunity to briefly say that Perrotta is one of my favorite contemporary American writers, along with Richard Russo and John Irving. I love the way he writes about suburban American life and the little everyday, personal tragedies (as well as not-so-little personal tragedies). He writes with wit and compassion. I liked The Abstinence Teacher, I really enjoyed Little Children, and I loved The Leftovers.). It was great to hear him read, the event was fun, and I managed to ask a coherent, somewhat interesting question. Plus I met him and he signed my book, without me embarrassing myself or being a total fangirl. I was still super excited, though. 

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