Friday, March 18, 2011


by William Shakespeare (aka Billy Shakes)

Ah, Shakespeare. Back to my roots.

I've read Macbeth at least 4 times. I read it again now for the montly book discussion. This is one of my favorite Shakespeare plays, along with Othello, Midsummer, and Richard II (I know, no one likes Richard II) to name a few. I truly do enjoy Shakespeare, and Macbeth has it all: murder, betrayal, the supernatural, not to mention some unforgettable monologues (unsex me here!).

I love lady Macbeth, she's crazy. And let's face it, Macbeth would have been nothing without her, both the play and the man. She is a force, and she's unforgettable. Shakespeare knew how to write some really excellent female characters.

I suppose I can't really explain why I like Shakespeare so much. It's work to read, without a doubt, but it almost feels like reading a secret, sacred language, like there's magic in it. And it is the words that hold all the power. There's no blood and gore, no long descriptions of epic chase scenes. It's all about language, which is great.

Shakespeare isn't for everyone, I know, but I still believe he is worth studying (even though UConn no longer requires it for English majors. You can now choose between Chaucer, Milton or Shakespeare. No contest).

Sidenote: this Dover edition isn't so great, although it does provide some definitions. But I'd prefer just about any other edition to this one.

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