Wednesday, May 19, 2010

American on Purpose

The improbable adventures of an unlikely patriot
by Craig Ferguson

What is the difference between a memoir and an autobiography? It's the same thing right? Or is it that one acknowledges that memory is subjective and imperfect and cannot truly portray the past, where the latter claims the opposite? Well, so far, I prefer memoirs...though I can't say I've read many autobiographies...or any possibly...

This is a genuinely interesting book. Craig Ferguson's life could have easily had a disgustingly tragic ending. He is a man who has been equally fortunate and unfortunate to live multiple lives, and lives to tell about it. Ferguson is remarkably candid and willing brings the reader into the less-than-flattering moments of his life. The book is a great read, and if you have any remote interest in Craig or his show, I recommend reading his book; he's had quite a life.

I didn't know he had also written a novel, Between the Bridge and the River and I think I'll look into it. If nothing else, I like the title and where it came from:
"Philip told me about once asking a Jesuit priest if he believed that if someone kills himself he will go to hell. The priest thought for a moment and then answered no, not all suicides went to hell. For example, if a fellow were to jump from a high bridge and genuinely repent his actions before he hit the river and died, he would yet enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 
As soon as Philip told me this I knew I had the title for my book."
It's beautifully fitting.

The book is spotted with beautiful and (to me) unexpected poignant moments which add another dimension to Craig's book, which makes it all the better.

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